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50th birthday Hello Windsor Regional High School 1963 - 1968
50th Birthday Hello Windsor Regional High School Curling Team - 1963-1968

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Was Al Hackner's shot in the 1985 Brier the best shot ever? Consider this one... Peter Gallant of PEI at the 1987 Mixed

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Windsor CC 1963-1978 Halifax CC 1978-1986 Mayflower CC 1986-1993,2015- Liverpool CC 1993-2004 CFB Halifax CC 2012-2015

Level 3 Coach

Click to see some Liverpool Curlers I have coached:
In 1993-1994
In 1994-1996
In 1996-1998
In 1998-2001
In 2001-2002
1995 Canada Games Playdowns
1999 Canada Games Playdowns

Initiator and Chairman, Liverpool Junior Icebreaker Bonspiel (1994 - 2003)

Click to see some Mayflower Curlers I have coached:
1987 Canada Games

Initiator and Chairman, Halifax Junior Mixed Bonspiel (1984 - 1985)
Click to see most of the Curlers I have coached from 1986 to 2004 (no pictures available 1971 to 1986)

Provincial Championship Appearances

My Other National and World Events

1977 Seagram's Canadian Mixed MacDonald Lassie
1980 Air Canada Silver Broom
1981 Labatt Brier Pepsi Canadian Junior Women's
1982 Uniroyal World Junior
1983 Seagram's Canadian Mixed Pepsi Canadian Junior Men's
1985 Pepsi Canadian Junior Women's
1986 Uniroyal World Junior
1987 Canadian Mixed
1988 Pepsi Canadian Junior
1990 Pepsi Canadian Junior
1994 Pepsi Canadian Junior

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